Enhance Twitter with these Chrome Extensions.

I won’t bother you with a long intro when you are trying to find tools to help you save time. So in no specific order, let’s get to the list:

Better TweetDeck

If you’re a TweetDeck user, this one might be interesting to you. Get Emojis, Thumbnails and advanced features for TweetDeck. Made by Damien.

Twitter Unfollow

Want to start with a fresh feed? Here is an easy to use extension to mass unfollow users on Twitter. Click one button to unfollow everyone. Made by Sergei Tarassov.

Twitter One Click Block

If you have an old account filled with irrelevant followers, this tool will make it easier for you to ‘bulk block’ users. You will only have to click one button to block someone. Made by @_A7med.

Refined Twitter

This extension will simplify the Twitter interface for you. It will only keep the feed instead of what is usually placed next to it such as Who To Follow, Trends For you. You can also see the image of Tweets that include an Instagram link and it will block promoted tweets. Made by Federico Brigante & Sindre Sorhus.

Twitter Interactions

When visiting a profile, this extension will show a list of interactions you have had with this person. This can be handy when you are trying to reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in some time. Made by Danny Aziz.

Twitter Web

Run Twitter on Desktop just like an official mobile app. When you click the extension icon, it will open. It seemed fairly quick, not for everyone but it works.


Quickly send a tweet or schedule it without having to visit Twitter.com. Made by Mike Polischuk and Ran Margaliot.

Twitter Detector

Quickly Detect Twitter accounts when browsing web pages. If you’re ever trying to quickly find the twitter accounts for a site, this extension is for you. Just click it when visiting a site and it will give you as many handles as it can gather. Made by Andrew Stilliard.

Twitter Lists Redux

You can think of it as a one column TweetDeck built right on Twitter. It’s actually pretty neat! Made by Tomi.

Share on Twitter

Easily share web pages and links on Twitter. It will automatically insert Twitter handles of the website and the creator/author if available.


And of course, a little shameless plug for the extension we are working on. A modern bookmarks and tabs manager. You could save specific Twitter lists, or articles you would like to Tweet later and much more.

We also found a Twitter Video Downloader and another one-click Tweet button.

That’s it for the list! Do you have any other suggestions or maybe you are working on one yourself? 🤔 Let me know on Twitter Guillaumebardet.

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